5 Useful Website Design Tips For Your Online Business Ideas

All online business ideas need a well designed website. It does not have to use award winning graphics, just some simple website design basics. If you have new business ideas, you need to be online. A well designed website allows you to compete alongside the big organisations because visitors to your website do not know if they’re dealing with a global company or a one-person operation.

1. Allow For Different Web Browsers.

The website for your online business ideas must be compatible with different web browsers and operating systems. Currently, the most popular website browsers are Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. If your prospective customers cannot view your website properly, they will move on to one of your competitors and not return to yours.

2. You Need A Responsive Website Design.

More people are researching, shopping and generally using the internet via mobiles and tablets. A responsive web design for your online business ideas means that your website provides an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices from mobiles, to tablets to desktop computer monitors.

3. Use Appropriate Content and Images.

The best online business will have both good content and relevant images on its website. Images have the ability to portray strong emotions and relevant pictures on your website will help to put forward your online business ideas. Take care that you do not put up any irrelevant and outdated pictures and that the file size is optimised for the web. High resolution pictures take too long to load and viewers will just close the page down.

4. Have Clear Navigation.

Your online business ideas may have the best looking website ever made, but if your website is complicated to navigate or does not function correctly, you will lose visitors very quickly. The main navigation options are usually in a horizontal bar along the top of the website. The secondary navigation options are generally underneath the main navigation bar or on the right or left side of the page.

5. Don’t Forget ‘The Fold’.

The area above ‘the fold’ (sometimes called ‘the scroll’) is the area of your website that is visible without scrolling. The information that you put above the fold should be the most beneficial aspect of your online business ideas for your customer. Your call to action should be located in the upper section of your website, along with your contact button.

Make the best effort to design your website with your customer in mind. Take care of your website users and continually aim to satisfy his or her needs in your website design. Remember, it is your website visitors that will determine if your internet business ideas will be successful or not.